Audrina Patridge Nude

Some of the hottest celebrities today have little or no talent at all, and that’s possible because of the power of reality TV.  We’ve got these supposedly “regular people” being followed by cameras that document their supposedly unscripted lives and that’s where the intense drama comes from.  You’d think following a bunch of spoiled California girls working glamorous jobs in LA wouldn’t be captivating enough to warrant a series that’s already going into its fourth season, but then maybe you haven’t seen how hot these chicks are.

We’re talking of course about the MTV reality hit “The Hills“, and the celebrity babes that they’ve spawned, like Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, and our favorite, Audrina Patridge.  Seeing Audrina Patridge nude is our dream, and it’s probably yours too, if you’re here.  She’s the brunette hottie on the show, with the two sizzling blondes getting the most attention, until her breakthrough sex scandal on the web, where her naked body was exposed for all drooling fanboys all over the world to see and add to their wet dream fantasy bank.

Her boobs are absolutely luscious, and she’s not bad looking, so that means an instant boost to her celebrity cachet, just for baring her body.  Now that’s the kind of instant celebrity we love!  To see more of Audrina Patridge’s hot, naked body, then check out Audrina Patridge Nude, which has got the naughtiest images of Audrina around.  This sizzling hot reality celebrity will leave you sweating and weak in the knees from the heat of her naked body, as if you didn’t know that already…